Cherry Fest

Captain Mathias and Christine Jonas

Circa 1890

When they first arrived in Jacksonport the family had to cut a road through the woods to get to their land.




Volume 5 Jacksonport Historical SocietyVolume Five

The year 2004 has been productive for the Jacksonport Historical Society, as they have once again had volunteers who contributed in the publication of their fifth book, Jacksonport Through The Generations, Volume Five.

In Volume Five of our Jacksonport History you will have the opportunity to learn more about those who came to this area to settle and raise their families.

You’ll read about families who came from Sweden, Germany, and France. Their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren have given us a clue as to what life was like for their ancestors. We are thankful for their many hours spent researching, finding photos, and writing stories so that we have a glimpse into the past.

Today, it is difficult for those of us whose ancestors can be traced back several generations to realize the struggles of clearing the land, building a house, and making a living while caring for a large family. It’s amazing how those many years ago they had the foresight to provide their children with an education as well as religious training.

Sadly, many of the individuals who could share their live stories are no longer with us, and their history is being lost. Let us appreciate the stretches of stone fences and the wide-open fields that were cleared in order to support their families. Each one of those stones that we see in the stone fences were picked, loaded on a stone boat or wagon, and then unloaded by hand to build the line fences of farm owners. Does it touch your heart to see these remnants of bygone days disappearing? We must be filled with gratitude for the rugged individuals who settled here in Jacksonport.

Families and chapters included in this volume are:

  • The Logerquist Family
  • The Kiehnau Family
  • The Kiehnau families in Jacksonport
  • Fondest Memories of Grandma and Grandpa
  • Franklin William Kiehnau
  • Champeau History
  • The Dietrich History
  • The Mathias Jonas Family
  • The Luethge Family
  • The Story of the Ocean Trip to America
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Robert Luethge
  • F.W. Robert and Alvina Luethge
  • This is Your Life Alma Luethge Lautenbach
  • The Flock/Flok Family
  • John Anton and Margarette (Orf) Flock Family
  • Christian and Helena (Klingbile) Flock Family
  • Christian Flock and Alfred Flock Families
  • Richard and Emma Flok Family
  • A Door Opened Up to the Past
  • My Memories of the Flock/Flok Families

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